NY Times Best Selling Author Shows a Simple Way to Control Sugar Cravings
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Most Diets Fail Because Of Sugar. Before Your Next Diet Try This Quick - Easy - Effective Sugar Detox!
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Easy To Follow
Super Easy to Follow Step By Step, Day By Day (and you can still eat sugar)
  •  Approved detox for most popular diets!  
  •  Keto Approved 
  •  Paleo Approved
Common Problems The Detox Overcomes
  • Stress Eating Sweets: You're not alone
  • Uncontrollable Weight Gain: Sugar is converted to fat in the body 
  •  Keep Failing Diets Year After Year: Sugar is the most addictive food
  •  Feel Like Sugar Is Everywhere: It is!
  •  Can't Control Yourself: "Just one bite and thats it mentality"
What Results You Should Expect To See In Just 8 Days?
Reduced Belly Fat 
More Energy
Control Over Sugar
What You Will Receive?
We will give you everything you need to have easy quick wins and loose the weight you want! 

Quick Start Guide

Contains everything you need to jump off and getting started in less than 10 min.  Super quick and easy way to start having success with very little time invested!

Flat Belly Sugar Detox

The Full Program!  Where we take you day by day step by step through the process.  We've taken all the guess work out it! 

Daily Goal Tracker

Because having a log of your daily goals and tracking your success is always a good thing!

Personal Food Journal 

It's important to keep track of what you're eating!  You will be amazed at all the stuff you eat that has sugar in it!

Suggested Food Guide

Where we list ALL the amazing food you CAN eat and still kick sugar and loose weight!  And pizza is one of them!

Plus Act TODAY and I'll Throw In 
No Hidden Fees | No Contract | 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
Who Is This Guy?
George Bryant is the NY Times best selling author of the most successful Paleo book of all time "Paleo Kitchen" and "Caveman Feast"

Owner/Creator of one the biggest food blogs in the world.  "Civilized Caveman"

George is a professional Husband, Bonus Dad and family man. 

After spending the first 20-something years of his life in a constant battle with his weight, and then nearly losing both his legs while on deployment as a US Marine, George took matters into his own hands and began his own journey back to health.

All starting with kicking his SUGAR ADDICTION
Sugar Is BAD BAD News
It wreaks havoc on our bodies. 

Makes us age faster than we should. 

Destroys our skin. 

Makes it easy to carry a spare tire around our bellies.

And it taxes our organs!

When you eat sugar, you light up the reward center in your brain that makes you feel euphoric - it's like being on a drug!

But it quickly wears off and your brain wants more of that feeling and tells you to eat more sugar...

This is a cycle that used to be really hard to stop, but I've developed a system that helps you kick it.  Safe, simple, hassle free. 

Have you tried to simply stop eating sugar and failed? 

That's because most of us are on a sugar cravings roller-coaster and don't know how to put on the brakes...

I know from personal experience how changing your diet can transform your life.
Hear What Our Customers Are Saying!
No Hidden Fees | No Contract | 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
Just to Recap Here's What You Get
Bonus - Instant Access to Detox Videos
  • FREE - Lifetime Access to the FLAT BELLY Sugar Detox - $197 value! 
  • FREE - 25 Guided Days with every step you need to create results daily - $47 value!
  • FREE - Full 74-Page guide with note sections and journal entries to track every success - $27 value!
  • FREE - 9 Bonus Audio Sessions to listen on the go and have full support in your ears - $97 value! 
  • FREE - Food Journal - $37 value! 
  • FREE - Set you up for Success Quick Start Guide - $27 value!
  • FREE - After the Detox Guide to make these changes permanent with bonus video - $47 value!
  • FREE - Cravings Food Swap Guides, How to Win Food list, Where Sugar is hiding, and more - $67 Value!
  • FREE - 3 Detoxes to choose from which is truly designed for your needs - PRICELESS!
My No Risk Money Back Guarantee!!!
Here's my commitment to you!

I am so confident in this program that if you don't like it for any reason I will refund you 100%.  NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

So there it is...what in the world do you have to loose?!

- George 

One Time Charge Of $19
No Hidden Fees | No Contract | 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
What exactly does the Flat Belly Sugar Detox Provide for me?
The Flat Belly Sugar Detox is a one of a kind mind-blowing program that will give you all of the tools that you need to cut out refined sugar, carbs, and take back control of your cravings for Life. When you sign up, you’ll get Nine Comprehensive Guides that provide an in-depth plan to really just become a rock star.
Am I going to feel restricted or deprived?
Only if you make yourself. This is not a hard and fast sugar detox simply because those don't work. Dogmacy only creates more opportunity for failure and we want you to sustain results for life. We focus heavily on the mental and emotional relationship with food and help you discover why you choose to eat like you do to finally cure the underlying cause and not the symptoms.
Can I eat Fruit, Drink Alcohol, do.........?
We are all adults here. You can choose to do as you please. We outline everything for success in all the guides as well as teach you the power of choice and reframing. But, you are more than welcome to tighten the reigns or loosen them as you see fit.  I do include a link to Sugar-Free Delicious wine in the membership site though :)
Can I still drink Coffee?
Yes, and please have one for me. I know how angry people get without their coffee becuase I turn into a monster. Let's do each other and the world a favor and keep the nectar of the gods in our diets. Just remove the sugar :)
How is the program structured
Basically its "Pick your Path".  3 Seperate Detoxes in one that also work congruently for maximum lifetime results. You will start on Day one and work through Path 1. At the end of path 1 (day 8) you will decided if you have accomplished your goal or you should move on to Path 2. That will lead you through Day 16 with a similar decision and then you finish up with Path 3 through Day 24 and the After the Detox program guide.
Do I have to be Paleo or Gluten-Free to complete this?
No! The Flat Belly Sugar Detox is for anyone who is ready to take control of their life and trade cake or cupcakes for Freedom. Even if only temporary (which it is and we teach you how and why)
When does the Flat Belly Sugar Detox Begin?
You determine that. You can start immediately upon receiving all the materials or you can use our Getting Started guide to set yourself up for long term success and follow that path. We also offer monthly guided detoxes run by myself and my team of nutrionists, fitness experts, and my bad-ass team every single month in the VIP Group (You will find out info about that in a few pages)
Where do I access all the materials?
You will have your own login and access to our regularly updated membership site where you can always login from any device and access all materials. Technology is amazing and you can use it for your benefit to ensure you never have a reason to slip up.
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